Agreement Law Of Ethiopia

(2) to pay the employee wages and other emoluments in accordance with this proclamation or collective agreement; 2. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 1 of this section, additional annual leave with remuneration for workers who work in a particularly laborious manner or the state in which it is carried out may be fixed in a collective agreement. 3. The terms of granting education or training leave and the form and extent of financial assistance to be provided may be defined in a collective agreement or work arrangement. Section 127. Advisor. Each party to collective bargaining can be assisted by advisors who provide specialized advice during negotiations. Section 135. Exception. 1. In the event of the dissolution of a union that is a party to a collective agreement, the collective agreement between employers and workers remains valid. Section 59.

Wage deduction. 1. The employer may not deduct, annex or place the worker`s wages unless it is not provided for by law, collective agreements, labour law, or in accordance with a court order or a written agreement of the worker. Section 128. The subject of a collective agreement. Issues relating to labour relations and working conditions, as well as the relationships of employers and their organizations with workers` organizations, can be determined by collective agreement. Section 124. Definition. (1) „collective agreement”: a written agreement between one or more union representatives and one or more employers or agents or representatives of employers` organizations.

b) Upon receipt of a challenge to a collective agreement pursuant to this subsection (4) (a), the Minister appoints an advisor so that both parties can resolve the matter by mutual agreement. If both parties are unable to resolve the matter by mutual agreement, section 142 of this proclamation applies; (2) If the collective agreement is more favourable to workers in similar cases than the one provided for by law, the collective agreement applies.