Bare Trustee Custodian Agreement

AIC Limited awarded the agreement to Elliott Page Limited. It is significant that real estate is not mentioned, which means that an SMSF agent cannot replace one property with another. Keep in mind that if a close party has granted the loan to SMSF, the loan must be made on commercial terms. In particular, the SMSF agent must be able to demonstrate that the SMSF does not pay more than part of the interest rate from an arm to the related party. Similarly, an interest rate below the commercial interest rate paid to the related lender would also be contrary to the Superannuation Industry (Sis Act) of 1993. What documentation is required to include a fund manager in the monthly trustee list of IIROC directors? Two signed copies of the simple agent agreement (non-negotiable for the modification of the agreement). The approved list for Bare Trustee agreements is updated and compiled monthly. It is available on the IIROC website under Dealer Member Rules / IIROC Notices. Cooperation with advisor, manager, brokers and other service providers 1. What is the purpose of the Middlefield Fund Management Limited fiduciary agreement that transferred the agreement to Middlefield Limited? Since the Security Trust Trustee did sign the sales contract in its own name, the sales contract makes no real mention of the Security Custodian Trust. This is in fact true, although the Trust Trust Security Trustee corporation owns the property in its capacity as agent for the Trust Security Custodian. It also means that the title to the property is in the name of the Security Custodian Trust Trustee Company with the relevant State Revenue Office. Since the title does not recognize the relationship of trust, you must ensure that the appropriate documents are available to prove that the company acquired the property as an agent for custodian Security Trust.

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