Cupe 204 Hsc Collective Agreement

CONTACT CUPE 204: E-mail: (e-mail) Debbie Boissonneault: Margaret Schroeder: Phone: 204-775-2873 (There will be invitations, Fax: 204-783-4065 Internal Mail: You can send an email to CUPE 204 by sending the CCMB email to CUPE 204 C/O HSC Mailroom. Please be sure to place 2 XX where the tampon should go. Physical address: 768 Notre Dame Ave. Winnipeg, MB. R3E 0L9 (The former local 1550 office next to MNU and Halong Bay Restaurant.) Retention Recruitment Education Fund (RREF): Please share it with employees who do not receive these emails or tell your staff to see it on our website, thank you, Margaret Schroeder CUPE 5362 President FALSE – that`s not true. There is not a single Union that allows the government to simply abolish what has been negotiated in the past. It`s like starting to negotiate a first contract. That`s not going to happen. This is the third time that rural health authorities have held representation votes (2000 and again in 2012) and each time there was a collective agreement that was used to negotiate. This is absolutely not allowed and constitutes a serious violation of our collective agreement. If you find that MNU, MAHCP or people outside the field are people doing jobs in our CUPE area, please report it. If you don`t know if this is one of our positions, please report it, as we have the option to register it. However, some may think that it is not important, if the office work is done by a manager, if there are other closures or slowdowns, we do not want our members not to have their job because a manager or others have done it.

Since the negotiations are based on consensus, nothing can be added to an agreement or withdrawn from the agreement without the agreement of both parties (note – CUPE did not accept the concessions mentioned above, so the employer withdrew them. The employer could not simply include them in the agreement without CUPE`s agreement.) So if a union thinks it can find something in an agreement, they are wrong themselves. There are some things that the employer does not want to have included in the agreement, so they do not agree. CUPE 204 members (WRHA and SHARED HEALTH MANTIOBA) Please visit of up-to-date information and log in to the CUPE 204 email or to change your address and contact information. Pre-bargaining survey Many of you may have received the preliminary survey in the mail. CUPE sent a letter with a link for preliminary questioning. For those of you who have been with CancerCare through several collective agreements, you will remember previous surveys we sent. This survey is the same as now, we do it online. Please complete this survey, as this is the way to hear your voice, and perhaps one of your proposals will end up in the collective agreement. This MOA was negotiated with all health unions.

The MOA ensures that members` rights are protected by any collective agreement and provides financial compensation in the event of a temporary transfer. A copy of the MOA design is added (in the signature process). CUPE Manitoba rebates: local CUPE 500 collective agreements and manages fourteen collective agreements and represents approximately 5,000 members. Our rates range from one member to about 5000 in the City of Winnipeg. CUPE Provincial Health Care Council: Lead Shop Steward: Belinda The bill has not yet been proclaimed, meaning it is not in force.