Montclair State University Housing Agreement

Filing an application for release does not guarantee that the student will be satisfied with his or her consent. The university appreciates the important role that all residents play in supporting the safety and well-being of the Montclair State community. Despite all the steps you and the university can take to reduce the risk of COVID-19, the risk of contracting COVID-19 cannot be eliminated and can be increased if you live in close contact with other people and accept the allocation of a housing unit that requires the sharing of bathrooms, furniture, food utensils, common spaces, appliances and household objects. In accepting this First Amendment, the undersigned recognizes and agrees to voluntarily take the risk of exposure to COVID-19 or infection, that such exposure may result in bodily harm, illness, illness, disability, permanent disability and death, and that Montclair State University is immune to liability, to the extent that this is possible under the NJ Tort Claims Act, N.J.S.A. 59:1-1, and. Mr. Seq. Students considering studying abroad should inform the Office of Residence Life of their plans for the semester they are travelling. The Office of Residence Life will cancel the housing contract. If you study abroad during the fall semester, the $300 non-refundable housing application fee will only be charged for the following spring semester. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that our current and new students can use to their advantage. For any other questions, you can contact directly at our office. The annual Residence License and Dining Services Agreement is a binding agreement and applies to the entire academic year or the remaining part of it.

Any student who resigns is subject to the conditions described in the Residence License and Dining Services Agreement and any other applicable university policy. To choose accommodation for the spring semester, all students who arrive must meet the above requirements. The housing competition and housing contracts will be available to students from Monday, November 2, 2020 to Thursday, December 3, 2020. The Residence License and Dining Services Agreement covers the entire academic year and cannot be transferred to another academic year. No refund or cancellation of the apartment is granted, unless: 1) the student is a beginner, a transfer or a returnee, and he/she informs the university in writing that they wish to terminate this license within five days of the date on which the University of Chamber Assignment is sent; or 2) the student submits a written application to the university for the dispensing of this licence and the university determines, at its sole discretion, the existence of circumstances justifying the issuance, the following as „publication”. For example, the university may grant permission if a student leaves university before the expiry of that degree, moves to another institution, studies abroad or takes medical leave, and the university is able to obtain a bachelor`s degree with another student for the liberty student`s bed. Students with a significant emergency financial or medical situation that occurred after signing their annual housing contract may be granted marketing authorization as long as they meet certain criteria. Students who feel they have a reason to be released must complete the form below and submit it and all supporting documents to the Office of Residence Life in Bohn Hall, on the 4th floor.