Tuf Agreement

According to SIPTU organizer John Regan, the agreement provides for additional health and safety protection measures, which have already been agreed in recent weeks between employers and unions. The Confederation of Trade Unions (TUF) has made a formal request to the Construction Industry Association (CIF), which, during the Covid 19 crisis, demanded payment of workers at agreed industrial tariffs. Brendan O`Sullivan, General Secretary of BATU, said: „The TUF, which includes the SIPTU, BATU and Connect unions, welcomes the agreement of several of the main entrepreneurs to pay the minimum rates … in the order of employment for the industry for workers during the period during which they are laid off as a result of the Covid 19 crisis. „We are negotiating with other contractors in this matter and have served an official right to the CIF which requires its members to pay the referencing rates. Our members are also working to reach agreement on an orderly, fluid and equitable return to work, without interruption of service, when the COVID 19 crisis has subsided. John Regan, organizer of SIPTU, said: „Due to pay rates in the sector, the majority of construction workers would benefit from companies applying for inclusion in the temporary wage subsidy program. Employers must do what is right for their workers and do everything they can to protect their livelihoods in this unprecedented crisis. Brian Nolan, Connect`s Deputy General Secretary, said: „Construction companies need to have a good working relationship with their employees during this crisis.

The CIF, as the main representative body of the sector, must play a leadership role in this regard. „The TUF is asking the CIF to order its member companies and the subcontractors that supply them to enter the temporary wage subsidy system, which can guarantee employees a payment of 410 euros per week. There is a discount for companies associated with this system, which is why our members feel it is fair to require their employers to receive an increase that brings their wages to at least the minimum rate for their rank, as stated in the referencing for the construction industry. For more information, please contact Brendan O`Sullivan, BATU General Secretary: 087 274 2894 Connect Assistant Secretary: Brian Nolan: 086 606 9280 SIPTU Sector Organiser, John Regan: 087 677 6807 Brendan O`Sullivan, Secretary General of BATU, said: „This agreement gives unionised workers the opportunity to highlight uncertain practices without fear of victim training. Construction workers must play a role as safety managers at each site, and if they are not yet unionized, they should join today. TUF welcomes an agreement with several leading contractors on payments.