Local Collective Agreement For Doctoral Students And Students

It is up to the department to assess, upon admission to the doctorate, whether it is possible to grant financial aid to a doctoral student for the duration of his doctorate. If the applicant plans to follow a PhD training in parallel with employment in another organization, for example. B from the Stockholm region, the director of the organization must approve the funding plan and certify that the doctoral student has the time and opportunity to follow the training of doctoral students. Many AI PhD students combine their PhD with other forms of employment, for example. B in the health sector or in industry. About 35% of PHD students in AI have an active membership in the Stockholm region. If your job is governed by one of the three collective agreements, your weekly working time is 37 hours. If you hold a Doctorate from a higher education institution, you are required to „perform contracts for the employing higher education institution according to its instructions, for a total duration of 840 hours over a period of three years”. Your steward knows the local conditions and it`s always a good start when something doesn`t work. The trade union representative is in close contact with the DM secretariat in case of doubt.

Doctoral students with questions about their training should contact the supervisor, the director of studies („rector”) or the administrator of the doctorate of their home department. Most agreements allow salaries to be set above the minimum and applicants may present special circumstances, such as relevant professional experience, previous qualifications, etc., of the type mentioned above for teachers/researchers, a particular educational context or market pressure (e..B g. difficulty in recruiting PhD students). Their employment is governed by the collective agreement for state-employed academics between the Ministry of Finance and AC/Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (CA). Your registration is subject to the Executive Order on PhD. ** Since the possibilities of recruitment of PhD students by the SLU are indicative when setting the entry salary, a higher starting salary can be agreed. In the event of disagreement between these translations and the Swedish text which forms the basis of the information, priority shall be given to the latter. PhD students employed by AI receive the same social benefits as other employees of the university. Uppsala University has agreements with Feelgood (Uppsala) and Anova (Visby) for occupational health services, which means that employees can visit them in case of work-related problems. The visit of the occupational medicine service is free of charge.

You are entitled to three visits; If you need more visits, they must be approved by your supervisor. All tours need an appointment. The ac collective agreement includes, among other things, a basic salary plan in which you will be placed according to your level of education and seniority, as well as the rules relating to working time. PhD students have their own annex to the AC collective agreement, which defines your rights, among others, in terms of pension, parental leave and illness. PhD students and PhD students employed in AI and tutors with questions about terms and conditions of employment should contact the human resources department of their departments. . . .