Sample Gas Processing Agreement

Upper Cumberland Natural Gas Company, Inc. and Little Creek Farms, Inc. at 4973 Lee Road, Smyrna, Tennessee 37167, hereinafter referred to as „UCNGC”, and Westfield Oil & Gas, Inc. at 21123 Hardy Road, Houston, Texas 77073, hereinafter referred to as „Westfield”, have entered into a gas treatment agreement of November 19, 1999, attached to this Agreement and forming part of this Agreement. Due to the exceptional and unexpected costs related to the various associated labor, parts, services, construction and construction costs to install the Liquids facility and associated components, including compressor replacement and transformation and modification of the „UCNGC” collection system to meet system requirements. („Supplier”), a Delaware limited partnership, based at 1802 Nueces Bay Boulevard, Corpus Christi, TX 78469. .