Tasmanian Catholic Education Single Enterprise Agreement 2018

The Tasmanian Catholic Education Single Enterprise Agreement 2018 is a company agreement currently being ratified by the Fair Work Commission. Catholic Education Tasmania currently employs more than 2,200 people across Tasmania. If you would like to work with us to provide our students with the best results, you can check out our current opportunities online. All non-teaching employees and volunteers appointed to Catholic schools are required to participate in the police screening process. Police checks are carried out every three years (maximum) or, if necessary, by changes in the responsibility for work/tasks. All Catholic Education Tasmania employees have access to qualified consultants through the Confidential Employment Assistance Program. Catholic Education Tasmania runs an extensive professional learning program that provides teachers and support staff with opportunities for ongoing professional development and training. We are looking for people who are interested in what they do: whether they are in one of our 38 schools and universities or in one of our four administrative offices throughout the state. All teachers must possess at least a four-year bachelor`s degree and be registered through the Teachers Registration Board Tasmania. Teachers must be registered before they can take up a current, replacement, fixed-term or discharge job. From time to time, scholarships may be available for targeted professional learning.

All staff members are required to have the current „Working with Vulnerable Persons” record. The industrial tool that is relevant to most of tasmanian Catholic education employees are Tasmanian`s single corporate agreements for Catholic education. Our Leadership Continuum targets specific development opportunities for young teachers to school leaders. All staff members are required to respect the accreditation status corresponding to their position. To teach religious education in a Catholic school, it is necessary for teachers to commit themselves to working towards compliance with the requirements of full accreditation C. Details of availability to obtain full accreditation C are available in the „Paths” section on our website….